Septic Tank Cleaning – Why and How It’s Important

Septic tank cleaning is absolutely essential to keep your septic tanks in good working condition. If septic tanks are not cleaned on a regular basis, they will become clogged and stop functioning normally. There are a number of reasons why septic systems fail to function normally and these include clogging, slow drainage and slow filtration.

septic tank cleaning

The most common reason why septic tanks fail to perform correctly is because of accumulated sludge and scum. In Canada, sewage and sludge are classified as a noxious substance. It is illegal to discharge any type of harmful substance into a water body, so all states enforce strict laws against breaking these laws. Therefore, if you neglect septic tank cleaning at least once in a while, the system may fail and this may ultimately clog the system.

When sewage and sludge are present in your tanks, it means there are problems with your plumbing. For example, tree roots can rot the pipes causing blockages. In addition, grease, soap scum and other solid materials can build up in the pipes, which leads to blockages. Hence, septic tank cleaning is important to prevent damage from occurring.

Another reason why septic systems fail to work is because of low pumping pressure. If your system uses a gravity pump, then it is important to check your pumping pressure periodically. Low pumping pressure can prevent the septic pump from working properly and may eventually lead to the failure of the system. Pumping your septic tank regularly is important to ensure proper functioning of the system and to avoid any leaks.

Finally, if your sewage systems are over 50 years old, you must have them serviced by professionals. Servicing older septic tanks is not only costly, but also ineffective. The average lifespan of septic tanks is less than 10 years, so have your sewage systems serviced as soon as possible. A professional septic tank cleaning service can save you money and time in cleaning and repairing septic systems. This service can also ensure that your septic tank is properly cleaned and maintained. Not only is this cost effective, but regular septic tank cleaning maintenance ensures that your sewage works properly.

It is important to remember that septic tank cleaning should be done according to a scheduled maintenance program. Be sure to follow instructions on how to maintain your system. Some homeowners neglect their systems and believe that they will self-clean and the problem will resolve itself. The fact is, septic systems need to be serviced on a regular basis in order to ensure proper functioning. Properly cleaned and maintained tanks will last longer and run more efficiently.